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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hello everybody i'm denise koch and here's what people are talking about tonight. a wait a wintery storm system is just creeping into the area. the system is moving in from the west. you can see from this video, snow caused some major traffic problems out on the highway near iowa. here in baltimore city we are already seeing some light snow starting to fall. this is a live picture as those flakes come down. state road crews are starting
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to mobilize and getting ready to head out if they are needed. kelly mcpherson has the preparations will be before done. but we begin with bob turk. >> reporter: we see some snow, take a look at radar. we do have some light isolated areas with flurries. most of it is very, very light snow. and the heaviest right now, south of dc southern portions of maryland. the eastern shore, not much going on until a little later on. we still have a watch in advisory in effect. and that's going to be in effect now until 8:00 a.m. it was in effect but all of the snow should have been done by 5:00 or 7:00 in the morning. we're probably not going to see many areas in the maryland area, at least getting one to
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two inches. i don't think you'll see anything in the three inch area until you get out. definitely going to be an effected drive tomorrow morning and throughout the night. and our coverage continues now with kelly mcpherson. she's live at one of the salt domes where crews are ready for whatever comes. >> reporter: that's right, and they are ready to go. operators just told me they are ready to load up on salt and hit the roads. >> am i ready for it? not really. i guess i would like to get some snow tires eventually on my truck. >> reporter: trucks and plows are gearing up. state workers and contractors are spraying salt brine. maryland has surpassed it's $26 million snow fund thanks to the december blizzard.
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>> our agency has a big enough budget, but in spring, we can move things around. maybe modify mowing or delay so that we can make up for the snow cost. >> are you guys preparing? >> basically we are, but hopefully the city is preparing also. the last snowstorm, they weren't clean on time. >> reporter: the dot says they are ready. >> we're down to about $2 million right now after the funds we already had. but we always have money in the budget to clear out streets of snow. we might start plowing if we get more accumulation in the roadway. >> reporter: everyone with plowing, drivers have to do their job. >> the drivers might have a little bit of over confidence. >> i like the snow. snow is good. looking forward to it. >> reporter: so while the state
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and some other local dtws have already gone overbudget and are watching that bottom line. one thing everybody we've spoken to has enough of is salt. we've got to go so they can get to work. we're here live in north baltimore, kelly mcpherson. a shift in power at the very top. a shift in baltimore leadership is set into motion. >> i will be sworn in as the 49th mayor of baltimore on january 21st. this is an awesome and important responsibility. brought on by unwelcomed circumstances that i take very seriously. city council president speaks out as she prepares to
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take the mayor's place. >> this transition process has begun. >> reporter: stephanie ralley's plate is getting ready for its most important position, mayor of baltimore. >> good people may have honest disagreements of why the city of baltimore and our people came to be in these circumstances. but there is one thing that unites us and that is our love for baltimore and our need to do better in the future. >> reporter: she's mad with police commissioner and fire chief clatt along with several members of the city delegation in annapolis. it's critical as baltimore needs funding help. >> once she made that decision, i'm not the watchdog and i take that very seriously. >> she certainly knows the city's business. she chairs the board of estimates so she's been with the mayor making decisions about budgets, about contracts.
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>> reporter: among the challenges she faces, a $120 million budget shortfall, combating violent crime and filling several key vacant positions in city government. >> we are going to get through this. but it's not going to be because in the back of my mind i'm thinking about political ambitions, by ambition is for the city. >> reporter: blake is expected to become mayor on january 21st. that's when mayor dixon will resign. >> between now and the resignation, i'm going to work with the council president. >> let us commit not for the next 30 hours, not the next 30 days but for the months to come. >> reporter: rollings commended the police chief and fire chief and said they will keep their
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jobs. at city hall, mike helmgren. >> we invite you to stay with wjz for the complete transition. a van trying to make a get away from police crashed into a bus. at least one person was taken off the bus on a stretcher. officers were trying to stop the van when the accident happened. it is under investigation. for the first time, the surveillance video of that major security breach at newarck airport is being released. the video reveals an absent security guard and a woman motioning to a man from a passenger's only area. he then ducks under a rope to join her. the video was recorded by continental airlines not the airport or the tsa. both were heavily criticized
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earlier this week as officials admitted of not having any video of the incident. in a live speech, the president bluntly spelled out the events that led to a failed bomb attack. the president explains why intelligence agencies failed to stop the alleged terrorist. >> reporter: rather than a failure to collect or share intelligence, this was a failure to connect and understand the intelligence that we already have. >> the president announced new changes to prevent future attacks, including more air marshals on watch and more security at airports. some say it's a much overdue necessity. others say it will only cause
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problems in their neighborhood. kai jackson explains the study. >> reporter: that's right, residents who have argued for years may like the results of a new study. it shows the proposed red line will not only provide a way of transportation, but hundreds of jobs. >> the red line's preferred alternative. >> reporter: a plan to construct a red line would be a massive and costly project. a new baltimore study says the proposed red line would help move the city's infrastructure into the 21st century. >> the red line is supposed to run from canton to security boulevard. >> reporter: the red line would provide a critical east-west artery. >> the bus is especially during rush hour traffic, don't meet
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the schedule. so, a line that has a set schedule will be much easier. >> reporter: it would cost $1.6 billion to construct a red line. according to the university of baltimore study, it would create some 10,000 jobs. yet many residents in canton for example believe the red line would hurt their neighborhood. >> it certainly will diminish property values. it will certainly add to the noise. it will certainly add to the congestion. >> reporter: the proposed red line would cover 14 miles from wood lawn to east baltimore and take several years to complete. tonight these women used the light rail to travel from bwi marshall. >> we were told it was going to cost $20 to take a taxi and this was one dollar, so. >> reporter: it was a no brainer. >> it was a no brainer.
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>> reporter: does >> reporter: -- estimates are that the red line project could create jobs. some of the arguments inside of this study are debatable. >> the study also found that 83% of the jobs created by the red line project could be filled by a high school graduate. well, few would argue there's a lot of hot air in washington, d.c. but it turns out it is actually dangerous for those of us living in baltimore. according to our media partner the baltimore sun, the heat escaping from buildings could
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produce hotter conditions downstream. why counting t calories on frozen meals may not be giving you the correct information. we are here at one of the countless ravens rallies leading up to the game. and this one is called pound the patriots, which is exactly what we're going to do. more on the ravens fever coming up on wjz. snow in the region, i'll have more on some more colder air coming later tomorrow, that's coming up next. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico customers could save even more on their car insurance
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it is 30 degrees and lightly snowing. first a tragic case of workplace violence unfolds this morning in st. louis. an employee walked into a manufacturing plant armed with an assault weapon. the gunman later took his own life. he was identified at timothy herman, an assembly line worker who was involved in a lawsuit against the plant. the body of 26-year-old paula seldeski was found
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burning in a dumpster. she was reported missing by her boyfriend who said they became separated while at a nightclub. he is being named a person of interest by police. >> she's not here anymore. and you guys don't seem to be looking for her. so just in case you haven't noticed, susan is gone. you know, and, you know, basically what are they doing about it? they are doing nothing. >> it's confusing because you would want to be where you know she would come back to. so that confuses me. >> reporter: police were called when a neighbor tried to remove a playground set he loaned to the powells. the grandson of former párt
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ronald reagan was arrested. cameron reagan was uncooperative and belligerent when they responded to an emergency alarm at the home. are you counting calories? who isn't? turns out you can't count the calorie count at fast food restaurants. the actual calories are 18% higher than what is reported. the governor dropped by practice to offer his support
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today. governor o' malley continued his tradition of visiting the team before a play off game. it's part of the build up to the game. >> reporter: we're ready to win. at m & t bank, hundreds turned up to a rally called pound the patriots. >> pound them to the ground. >> reporter: cheer leaders photographed pictures. >> i'm going to sit at home and record the game. i'm going to get extra tivo so
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i can rewind it and watch mcgahee. >> why does patriot nation seem so down? >> i think it's part of the feeling when you lose one of the better guys on the team. >> reporter: the trash talking is pretty mild too. >> there's nothing i dislike, they just can't beat us. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. the pats have tom brady, but the ravens have so much more. >>flacco, rice, mcgahee. >> we're the ravens, the greatest team in the nfl. >> reporter: and also according to our cbs affiliate, the pat fans are so discouraged about the play off game that the tickets are cheaper than when baltimore played new england during the play offseason. weijia jiang, eyewitness news.
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and remember you can see the ravens take on the patriots this sunday, 1:00 p.m. only on wjz. and tomorrow i expect to see, well you have some purple and black on tonight. >> i will have purple on tomorrow too. i guarantee it. let's take a look at radar real quick. we have some light storms in the region. it's not heavy. but some areas will see heavier rain. just a few spots. most areas will see a light snow. it will finally get out of here around 8:00 in the morning. check out the amounts we're predicting from the region. i don't think anybody in that region will see anything close to 2-inches. maybe a few spots could see 2- 1/2-inches to the west. maybe that's where we're going to see some accumulation. south and east, much less. probably an inch or less, just a dusting. take a look at temperatures
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around the region right now. we're at 30 degrees, you see the dewpoints come up. that's up a point, it's getting more moist out. a cross the region, still have that winter weather advisory. now it's been cut down to 8:00 a.m. after that, things should pretty much be done. we get some sunshine coming through the afternoon. you see everybody pretty much at or below the freezing mark. 28 with light snow, just light flurries and light snow around the region right now. it'll probably be with us on and off till 5:00 or 6:00. certainly cold enough, anything that does fall particularly the side roads is going to stick, unless it's been treated. very light winds but that's going to change tomorrow.
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here's the precept van. there is a bit of dry air. behind this is another shot of cold air that's going to come right behind the storm with northwest winds drying things up. it's going to get cold once again, once that storm passes, there's breezy and colder air moving in for friday and saturday. but mainly sunny conditions. winds as high as 25 knots and a small craft advisory out there. could even gust higher than that. the next five days, 32, 28, 32, probably 40 next wednesday. >> thank you very much bob. sports is next. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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play off time is when top quarterbacks shine. and very few have others have more than tom brady. today he moved with discomfort. he has had an ankle problem this year, he's been beaten up the last two games, sacked eight times. but the team believe he'll be ready for a run. >> joe has had enough. he's had enough play off type games under his belt. >> joy is not a guy who gets intimidated. he's very tough, competitive, smart, talent, he has a lot of confidence. but that doesn't institute experience. he's still a very young quarterback in this league. all players participated fully in today's work out. the ravens look for their first
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ever win over the patriots. i'll be in foxboro to bring you postgame coverage. if the raven win today, they will play next in indianapolis. and today indy has announced silver is their guy. to hawaii, offshore from the golf coast. whales frolic in the pacific ocean opening round of the open of the year. no tiger woods, but cabrera shows off on his first shot. and a roll to the hole. that's lucas glover, landed close to the cup, glover with a one shot lead at the season opener in hawaii. opener in hawaii. >> hard to ,,,,,,,,
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